Our Kayak Rental Pricing

Kayak Rentals

At Wander Out we strive to make our rates affordable, competitive and convenient for our customers. Whether you’re taking a VIBE kayak out for a test-drive before you buy, or a day trip or a week-long excursion, we have a rate for every need.

Normal hours of operation are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. If the rate that suits your time frame is not listed below, please feel free to contact us and we will work out a rate for your specific outdoor adventure. We offer six standard options for rental periods and fees:

1) Half Day (5 hours)

Single-seater:   $50

Tandem:  $75

2) Whole Day (10 hours)

Single-seater: $75

Tandem: $100

3) Overnight (24 hours)

Single-seater:   $100

Tandem:  $150

4) Three Days (72 hours)

Single-seater: $130

Tandem: $175

5) 1 Week (7 days)

Single-seater: $200

Tandem: $275

6) Test Drive – Try Before You Buy (1 hour)

All kayaks: $35

Test Drive – Try Before You Buy Details

Our one hour rate option is great for anyone interested in buying a VIBE kayak, but would like to test it out first. We’ll meet you at the water and let you give one a whirl to test maneuverability, stability, quality, comfort and more so you’ll be able to purchase your new yak with confidence. The rate for this option is $35.00 for each kayak of any size or type with no deposit required, and no additional gear included other than required safety equipment. All applicable rental agreements are still required, and operators of Wander Out will remain on premises during the rental period.

Delivery / Pickup Policy

Normal hours of operation are between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm daily. All drop offs, pick ups, and rental periods will take place between these hours. We will deliver and pick up your rental kayak(s) to your home, vacation rental, and/or a local kayak/boat ramp or launch location within 10 miles of area code 32908, within the normal hours of operation at no additional charge.
Pickups / deliveries required after the normal operating hours or outside the designated geographical area will require a convenience fee of $20.00, which may be charged up front or deducted from applicable security deposits.

Want to pick them up yourself?

To pick up our kayak(s) you will need an appropriate method for hauling the equipment safely and legally. Roof racks, truck bed with flagging, or an appropriate trailer are all acceptable examples. Going fishing or camping and want to be on out the water or on your way before the sun comes up? We can arrange for a drop off or pick up the evening before, for no additional charge. Just call us and we will work it out!