VIBE has been around since 2013 and shares many of the same core values as Wander Out. They’re passionate about making top-quality kayaks for all skill levels. Whether in a lake, stream, river or creek-VIBE kayaks offer stability, comfort, functionality, and storage.

Vibe Yellowfin Kayak

Our VIBE kayaks feature their amazingly comfortable HERO seats. These comfortable seats will save your a$$, literally! If you’ve kayaked for long periods of time before, you know it’s not long before your back is hurting, your pants are soaked and your butt is numb from sitting on hard plastic.

Lightweight and easy to carry
Another great VIBE feature is their ability to “throw-and-go”. We couldn’t agree more, the heavier the kayak the more limited you are in your ability to wander.

Our VIBE tandem weighs just 80lbs and is capable of carrying two adults and a small child, or up to 500lbs.

Great for fishing
If you love to fish then you know that here in Brevard County we’re local to several world-class fishing spots like the Stick Marsh, Mosquito Lagoon, Sebastian Inlet State Recreation Area, and several others.

Providing our renters the opportunity and ability to do some serious kayak fishing was a top priority. Thankfully our VIBE single-seater kayaks feature built-in rod holders, cup holders, storage slots for your PLANO 3600 tackle trays, and plenty of room to still accommodate your cooler, bait bucket, and more. 

VIBE kayaks are highly-rated
We did our research, trust us, and VIBE is so highly rated and recommended by their customers that we just knew they were the right fit for Wander Out.