About Wander Out, LLC

We’re a family of five who love adventure and “wandering out”.  From exploring nature trails, spoil islands, beaches, rivers and marshes, there aren’t many local places off the beaten path that we haven’t discovered as long-time Brevard County Florida residents

We have a heart for the outdoors and have created Wander Out, LLC as a means to provide our family with more opportunity to get out in nature where we’re happiest, while also helping facilitate adventure and unique experiences for others hoping to “collect more memories than things” in life

We’re friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all, we’re flexible. Need tips on where to camp or paddle? Where the fish or exotic birds are? Where you might have the best chance of seeing a manatee or having a beach or spoil island all to yourselves? We just might have the scoop on your new favorite outdoor destination, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything!